Natural Light with Photography

As a professional photographer in Fayetteville, NC, whether you specialize in headshots or portraits, you know that weather can either be your biggest ally or your toughest adversary. Although we cannot control the weather, we can still make the best out of it. Here’s how you can use different atmospheric conditions to capture magnificent photographs.

The Golden Hours:

Photographers take advantage of the two-hour period after sunrise and before sunset - often referred to as the golden hours - as it offers optimal lighting for stunning images. During these times, the sun is at an angle that allows photographers to capture beautiful shots without too much brightness or shadows. This makes it an ideal time for portrait photography in Fayetteville, NC.

Avoid the Noon Day Sun:

By taking your subject outdoors to photograph before noon, you may encounter one of three problems. First, your subject may squint when the sun is too bright, reducing in the photo's overall appearance. Second, your subject might be in the shadows, as they are positioned to have the sun behind them, causing a silhouette effect. For optimal results, it is important to adjust the lighting around your subject or move them to a different location. Lastly, if your subject is standing with the sun at one side, it may cause some shadows and make the face and other features appear hidden or distorted. All three of these options can result in poor photos. Avoid shooting at noon, when all the shadows disappear and the picture appears flat.

The Benefits of Overcast Days:

Even when there's no direct sunlight, you can still take amazing photos. Clouds act as a natural diffuser, providing soft, even light that eliminates harsh shadows and makes your subject appear beautifully lit. If the photos appear too flat, consider using a flash or shooting in black and white. Black and white photography is especially effective on overcast days when the colors might look washed out.

Making the Most of Rainy Days:

Rainy days are not an end to photography - they can actually be used as a unique opportunity for picturesque shots. It is important that you prepare well beforehand to protect your gear from water damage, while still enjoying the interesting visual effects rain can bring. You may want to bring some friends or helpers to help carry your gear. Handing umbrellas or carrying bags off the ground can be a diffilcult task, so having extra support ensures that your shoot goes smoothly and your gear stays dry and clean. Above all, keep a positive outlook and use the rain to add depth and drama to your photographs. Capturing the beauty of the rain can create incredible shots that will make your portfolio stand out.

In conclusion, as a professional photographer in Fayetteville, NC, you can turn any weather condition into a chance for great photos. To create fabulous headshots or portraits, natural light is your best friend. Avoid letting the weather dictate your photography sessions - make the most of a sunny, rainy or cloudy day to capture beautiful shots.


- Darin 

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