Photography and The Rule of Thirds

August 28, 2022 photography

Photography and The Rule of Thirds

When it comes to the most beneficial rule of composition is to keep in mind that there is a rule of thirds. This will be helpful to the professionals and amateurs. You will find that the rule of the thirds will help you to get your composition set up. It is not difficult to learn or even use. You will always want to keep the rule in mind so that you can see a drastic improvement in the quality of the pictures that take. 

Fortunately, our minds think in Rule of Thirds mode even if we do not know it. It is very important that you follow this real so that you can get things in motion taking a picture that is pleasing to look at and also appealing. If your viewfinder has a grid option, use it. This was set up to make using the Rule of Thirds easy. If your camera does not have this option, you’ll have to imagine it. When looking at a frame, you will want to draw a mental note of a tic-tac-toe box so that you can see lines that running horizontally and vertically. 

Next, check out your subject matter in relationship to the horizontal lines. Your picture will have the most impact if the horizon is placed close to one of these lines, so that your sky occupies about 1/3 or 2/3 of the picture. This will have a visual impact. The next step is to look at you subject matter in relationship to the four points on the grid where the horizontal and vertical lines meet. Also known as “sweet spots” for photographers. By placing visual importance in these spots, your picture will look more balanced. 

A good photographer will include diagonal lines. It will appear more pleasing if they run through one or two of the sweet spots. You will find that your subject also matters when it comes to using the rule, but you should always keep the rule in mind when you are taking the picture of anything. You need to be willing to break these rules, but you need to understand the importance of the elements will help you to make great shots, however, you have to keep in mind that not everything will fit picture perfectly in the sweet spots. When you keep the rule of thirds in mind you can create wonderful pictures with more of an impact. You can practice using it when it comes to still life shots, landscapes, and when arranging portraits. You can take a good picture and make it great within a few seconds.


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