Is it Time to Get New Lawyer Headshots?

January 3, 2023

Is it Time to Get New Lawyer Headshots?

It's important to have updated headshots because it shows you're current and invested.

Headshots are for people who don't have one. But it's important to have one, an accurate one, because you need it.


Whether or not you need a headshot depends on two things: how your career will be structured, and how much time you spend looking at yourself in the mirror, and not just the way your eyes look — which is often very different from the way they look when they're looking at your face.


It's hard to say what it is like, but I can tell you that I spent more than half my life looking at myself in the mirror for something other than photography. What I could see was not what I'd want to see; so I looked away and tried to change the way my mind looked at me. It wasn't easy, but it worked. Seeing myself with updated headshots makes me feel better about how much time I spend thinking about myself, and now how little time I spend doing it. That's what makes me feel confident that working on something like this helps make me more confident about my future as a lawyer/doctor/businessperson etc., even though there might be some overlap between these fields in terms of skillsets and interests too.


So if this is true of you, maybe get an updated headshot! If not right away… perhaps someday!


Headshots should be done every few years to keep them looking fresh.

You will notice that we have a lot of headshots in this blog. As a result, I thought it would be helpful to write a brief blog post about the importance of having updated headshots from time to time.


I’ll start with the obvious:

Headshots should be done every few years to keep them looking fresh. They should help you stand out among the crowd and give you a chance to make sure that your personality shines through on your LinkedIn profile.


But here’s where it gets interesting. As you may know, LinkedIn has been rolling out their new “job search feature” for the last few months and it takes personal information about your job history and puts it into one location, giving you a chance to search for jobs based on your past experience. This is great from an HR perspective because if you have had any form of setback or delay in getting back into good employment, there is a chance that people will be more likely to hire you as they are more likely to consider hiring someone who has been through similar experiences as yourself (and there would be less risk in hiring someone who is experiencing similar setbacks). But if you are already employed (or at least planning on being employed), this feature could also cause problems for lawyers because the law firm may not want candidates who have experienced past setbacks or delays in their employment history — they may want candidates who have no such history.


Why? Because hiring law firms often determine candidates by their job performance, not by what they look like. In fact, many employers do not even look at qualifications when making decisions on hiring officers, but rather rely on experience alone (which can vary widely depending on whether companies are small startups or large established companies). The reason for this is simple: experience is sometimes better than qualifications; and so when law firms identify applicants with no prior work experience, they often hire them anyway (even though many of these applicants lack the requisite skills required for their positions). In other words, if legal organizations want to improve the odds of recruitment success for their current candidates — those without prior work experience — by identifying applicants who have had troubles finding work previously (and thus cannot pass background checks), then they need to find ways of keeping track of these individuals over time so that they can assess whether they were successful in finding new jobs or whether they were unsuccessful in finding new jobs.

This presents its own set of challenges; but one critical aspect is how these companies guard against letting their past mistakes


d2lifephotography is the best place to go in Fayetteville, NC for lawyer headshots.

A professional headshot is very important in a relationship. It helps to make you look your best and will make you stand out in a crowd of people. You can change and improve your appearance over time, but one thing that won’t change is the way you look on camera. And that’s why it’s so important to have the perfect professional headshot. D2Lifephotography has been helping their clients reach their goals for over a decade now. Headshots are not just for business or job applications – they also help make personal connections with customers, friends, and lovers. And when it comes to headshots for lawyers, getting a great one doesn’t come cheap!


Headshots are like any other marketing picture – they can tell the world who you are and how you look at face value. So, if quality is what matters most, then get yourself some great professional headshots here at D2Lifephotography!


We don't just want a picture that looks well-lit; we want someone who makes an impression - someone who will make an impression on our visitors as they browse through our site! If we want them to remember us, we need to create an experience that will draw them into our website and give them just what they deserve: a memorable experience! Our experienced photographers take meticulous care when taking photos of their clients; that's why their shot isn't taken before or after an event – it's always taken during the event!


If you have any questions about these services or need any help with getting started with your new professional headshot, please don't hesitate to ask me personally via my contact page or my blog - I'm happy to help!


Portraits are important for any professional, but especially lawyers.

Spare a thought for the lawyers, and lawyers in general. New faces are always welcome. Since there are no end times for law firms, we need to keep up with the latest trends and make sure our images reflect them. Lawyers who have been in the profession for a long time should be very familiar with the process of updating their pictures, but also new faces who are starting out may not know what to do yet.


Most important thing is that your lawyer headshot or portrait needs to be professional looking and reflect your personality (most importantly). You don’t want to look like you were hired through Craigslist, or worse — because you were. The best way to ensure this is to use professional photographer(s) like us at JMS Photography, who will take time and care to ensure that your portrait looks like you while being taken seriously by others as well as yourself (and other people).



Lawyers need to have updated headshots to show they are current and invested in their career.

In the past few weeks, I have received several requests from attorneys or law firms to provide updated headshots to show they are current and invested in their career. Although some may be just internet trolls, it is important to make sure that your lawyer updating his/her portfolio is a real thing and not just a method for trolling and posting irrelevant content. I’ll be providing the following information:

  • The new headshots should be professional, semi-retouched photos taken at least 3-4 years ago (preferably 4)
  • The subject of the photo should be at least 1 year out of law school (preferably 2)
  • The subjects should have gotten their degrees at least 2 years ago
  • There should be no online presence since at least 6 months ago. This can also help avoid being accused of “trolling” by letting users know you have no social media presence outside of your website. It also helps show that you are not just an internet troll.

I encourage anyone who needs updated headshots to contact me via email and ask for one (you can find my email address on my profile page). If you want to see any examples of updates I’ve done for other lawyers, check out my blog posts on new law firm headshots or my blog post on updating law firm headshots . Finally, if you know anyone who needs updated headshots, please let them know about this site so they get the best headshots possible.


- Darin 

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