Advantages and disadvantages of shooting portraits outdoor in natural light

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Advantages and disadvantages of shooting portraits outdoor in natural light

Many photographers out there prefer natural lightening to capture headshots or portrait photos. However, there are mixed views about natural lightening in the photography industry. Some people think it as a perk to have blazing sun for an artistic view while others consider it a problem.

Let’s ponder over the perks and disadvantages of shooting portraits in natural lightening.


1. Diversity

Sunlight can add diversity to your portrait. If only the photographer knows how to utilize natural light to get some fabulous portrait, he can get wonderful results. Specially, when it’s the last sun hour; your result can be pretty good. A perfect angle is necessary to get a perfect photograph. Make sure to keep a perfect angle of subject and camera.

2. Cheap

Buying lightening equipments can be very expensive. It’s better to utilize natural light rather than spending hefty amounts on lightening as far as you are getting good results.

3. Originality

Natural light makes the portrait look real. You get a natural view without making an effort and the viewer feels connected. Artificial light often doesn’t provide that sense of attachment to the viewer.

4. Magic of Shadows

Many photographers don’t like shadows but shadows can add magic to your portraits. You only need to utilize the effect of shadows. Add shapes to your portraits using natural shadows and the viewer will be stunned to see the natural look.

5. Learning

If you are a beginner and trying to kickstart your photography career, natural light is nothing less than a blessing for you. You don’t need lens and lights. All you need is fire in your belly and you are good to go.


Disadvantages of natural light

1. Unpredictable weather conditions

There is load of uncertainty when you are completely relying on natural lights. You never know when it’s going to rain and will the hurricane strike. This varies with the area you are living in. You need to adapt with the place in order to rely on natural lights. This will affect your appointments and your daily routine as well.

2. No shoots at night

You can’t shoot at nights when you don’t have flash lights. The world is rapidly changing and most of the events occur at night. You can’t go to any night even as a photographer when you are simply relying on moon as a light source.

3. Directions

Direction of sun is not fixed and neither can you adjust it according to your requirements. There is a different to shoot at dawn and a completely different one while shooting in the magic hour.

4. Temperature

Daily temperature affects the type of photograph. The color of picture varies with the rising temperature. Editing can be difficult.

5. Light availability

The availability of light varies with the place you are shooting at. What if you are shooting in a tunnel? How will you be able to fulfill your lightening requirements?

There are certain perks as well as disadvantages of natural light. If you are a beginner, you should go for natural light photography. However, if you are thinking to take it as a professional business, you need to save some money and buy proper lens. The more you add value to your work, the better you progress!



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