Best Camera settings for shooting Portraits/Headshots

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Best Camera settings for shooting Portraits/Headshots


Just capturing a photograph of someone’s face does not make you a portrait photographer; instead, you must know how to capture the essence of their real personality in the frame. The more control you have over your camera the more focus you can put into such essential aspects. In this brief article, we will give you a quick tour of the basic camera settings to capture exceptional headshots, starting with “always use the manual mode.”


The background does not help much rather than in terms of background lighting or farming as a portrait is all about the subject. Getting a good hold over the aperture of your camera will let you capture the perfectly focused headshots. Shooting on a larger aperture such as F/1.8 does create a great focus, however, if you are not careful it may only focus on a certain part of the face. Using an aperture of f/3.2 to f/5.6 is recommended.


ISO is your rescuer in any sort of lighting condition if you know how to use it. With headshots, ISO will help you keep the photos perfectly exposed and focused in combination with the aperture. In well-exposed environments, ISO 100 or 200 will be perfect. While shooting in low-light environments, keep in account that higher ISO may introduce noise into your shots with more light.

Shutter speed:

A camera shake can be a concern if you are not using a tripod. In this scenario, be careful with changing the shutter speed for better exposure. It will solely depend on your environment, for example, in-studio environments or well-exposed conditions, a shutter speed of around 1/200s is mostly used. A slower shutter speed means more light entering the camera and vice versa.     

These quick tips do give you a basic outlook of your camera settings for portrait photography however only practice will let you truly master your camera.



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